India failed to put his vehicle on the moon

Индия не смогла посадить свой аппарат на Луну

India has lost contact with the lunar landing module

During the descent lunar lander Vikram on the surface of the natural satellite of the Earth with him was lost connection.

India has lost communication with the module Vikram mission Chandrayaan-2, which was to sit on the surface of the moon. This was announced by the head of the Indian space research organization (ISRO) Dr. Kallasvuo Sivan.

According to him, the decline of this module was carried out according to plan.

To an altitude of 2.1 km functionality of the device were normal. After the lander with the ground station was lost.

Vikram was about to land on the moon late in the evening of 6 September.

Chandrayaan-2 sent a new photo of the moon

Recall, August 20 India produced the successful launch of the spacecraft Chandrayaan-2, which is to deliver to the moon a small Rover.

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