India found the crashed Rover

Индия обнаружила разбившийся луноход

So lunahod looked before starting

The restore still failed, but any predictions too soon.

Indian space research organization established location of Lunokhod Vikram, crashed when landing on the moon, reports ANI.

The head of the organization Kallasvuo Sivan stated that the restore is not yet possible, but any predictions too soon.

Recall that on 6 September an Indian Vikram module crashed while landing on the moon. For a few tens of meters from the surface, lost his telemetry. The module was part of Chandrayaan-2.

The station was launched toward the moon on July 22. Chandrayaan-2 reached to the vicinity of the moon August 20. After a series of maneuvers and five turns she stepped on the lunar circular orbit of 100×100 km. was released a lander Vikram (Valor). Its dimensions are – 2,54х2х1,2 m.