India in 14 days will try to establish a connection with the missing module on the moon

Индия за 14 дней попытается установить связь с пропавшим модулем на Луне

Module Vikram was at an altitude of 2.1 km above the surface of the moon, when it lost connection

Indian scientists believe a mission Chandrayaan-2 to be quite successful. She reached 90-95% certain her problems.

Indian space research organization (ISRO) will have 14 days to keep trying to establish communications with the lander Vikram with whom contact was lost during landing on the moon. About it told journalists the head of ISRO Kallasvuo Sivan, according to TASS on Sunday, September 8.

“Now communication (with the lander Vikram) is lost, we will try to fix it in the next 14 days,” said Sivan in an interview to Doordarshan.

It was lost in the night of Saturday, when Vikram was in the final stages of landing on the moon. As said the head of ISRO, the cause of the loss of communication with the apparatus of the mistakes made in the final landing phase.

Sivan also said that the overall mission Chandrayaan-2 is quite successful and has reached 90-95% certain to it, despite the loss of the lander. Flying in an orbit of the moon probe Chandrayaan-2 will be able to work there for seven years, not a year as previously planned.

“Certain earlier life of the station in orbit was just one year. But since she now has additional fuel, the service life of the orbital module is estimated at seven and a half years”, – said the head of the Indian space Agency, noting that the Orbiter will study the evolution of the moon, photographing its surface, search for water and map Earth satellite detected from orbit of minerals.

In the night of Saturday, ISRO failed to carry out the lunar landing module Vikram. Landing was expected at 01:55 Indian time (23:25 Friday in Kiev). The connection with the device was lost when Vikram was at an altitude of 2.1 km above the surface of the moon.

The lander, which was part of Chandrayaan-2, was supposed to deliver to the lunar surface 27-kilogram Lunokhod Pragian. The device was to explore the South pole of the satellite.

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