India will go to the moon in six months media

Индия полетит на луну через полгода - СМИ

The launch is scheduled for March of next year.

Indian space research organization (ISRO) plans to launch the spacecraft “Chandrayaan-2” to the moon in March next year, reports Times of India.

VSSC Director K. Sivan said that “ISRO will be absorbed by a series of launches of satellites since December and beyond.”

It is known that India did not launch on 31 August, since the failure of ISRO during launching of the satellite IRNSS-1H, which was to replace the satellite IRNSS – 1A in the Indian navigation system NAVIC.

It is expected that in mid-December, India will launch a navigation satellite Cartosat-2 at the same time with 30 nano-satellites, and then carry out a second attempt to replace the IRNSS – 1A.

“Both of these will be implemented starting with the first site (Baikonur) Sriharikota, since the second platform will be unavailable for launches three missiles GSLV, including in the framework of the mission Chandrayaan-2 in March,” added Sivan.

Earlier Корреспондент.net reported that astronaut Thomas Sand showed the moon rising with the ISS.