Indian archaeologists uncovered a 4,000-year-old tomb

Индийские археологи вскрыли 4000-летнюю гробницу

In India have uncovered an ancient tomb

Sacred burial ground relate to the late Harappan period and is considered one of the largest.

In India archaeologists have uncovered an ancient tomb Dating back to the second Millennium BC. About it reports Archaeology News Network.

In the tomb found sarcophagus of the two “legs” with the remains inside. In addition, in one of the tombs was found a female skeleton and many artifacts: a sword, a gold necklace, bracelet with semi-precious stones, a bow, arrowheads and ceramic attributes.

Also, near the burial were fragments of pottery and animal bones. The tomb is built of eight rows of baked bricks.

Archaeologists attribute the burial to the late Harappan period. Its age is about 4 thousand years.

Earlier in Egypt found the tomb with the mummies of mice and birds. It was also reported that the remains of the Denisovsky person for the first time wasn’t found in the Denisova cave.

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