Inflation in Germany peaked in 2012

Инфляция в Германии достигла максимума с 2012 года

High prices for energy and food, as well as the growing cost of rental housing was the engine of inflation, which in 2017 has reached the level of 1.8%.

Consumer prices in Germany in 2017 significantly increased. The average growth of prices for goods and services was 1.8%, according to preliminary figures from the Federal statistical office showed Tuesday, January 16.

This is the highest figure since 2012. For comparison, a year earlier, the inflation rate in Germany amounted to 0.5%.

High energy prices (+3.1%) and food (+3%), and the growing cost of rental housing was the engine of inflation. Price increases only slightly slowed down by the end of the year. In December the annual rate of inflation was estimated at 1.7%.

From 2014 to 2016, the inflation rate in Germany was less than 1%. In some months of 2017 were recorded in consumer prices in 1,5 – 2,2% in comparison with the similar period of the previous year.

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Source: Russian service of DW