Inflation in Ukraine continues to gain momentum – Medvedchuk

The politician referred to the data of the NBU.

The politician Viktor Medvedchuk predicted in his blog the development of the situation on inflation.

“Is not the first month the country has experienced price hikes in meat, butter, cheese, other dairy products. Not in a hurry to give up their pricing position even seasonal vegetables and fruits. While the government reports about alleged wage growth in Ukraine, people do not have time to track the rapid increase in their spending”, – said the leader of “the Ukrainian choice – the Right of the people”.

The abolition of the Cabinet of Ministers regulation on certain goods and services, especially products that had a negative impact on the pricing, I noticed the Medvedchuk.

“In the Ukrainian Association of retailers state: for the six months (from December 2016) rose 21 item 23 in the list of social food. That is, the increase in prices touched 90% of such products, including even social bread. But in addition, also increased utility rates and increased cost of public transport in some regions!” – the politician wrote.

The decrease in the level of life of Ukrainians, according to the leader of Ukrainian choice, is exacerbated by the growing arrears of wages.

“According to the state statistics, at the beginning of June it reached 2.32 billion UAH, having increased in comparison with may by 135 million. With more than 10% over the last month has increased the debt to employees of economically active enterprises, and this is a very disturbing trend. In General, for 2017 wage arrears in Ukraine has increased by more than 0.5 billion UAH!” – outraged politician.

The national Bank has already announced that lower its growth forecast for the country’s GDP in 2017 from 1.9% to 1.6%, Medvedchuk recalled.

“And this is an optimistic forecast. If the situation is even worse, for Ukraine it will result in another economic downturn” – predicts policies.

Earlier, Medvedchuk said that the Russian Federation remains the main investor in the Ukrainian economy.