Information about the victims of the Ukrainian military shelling of Shirokino did not arrive, – Mironovich

After shelling of Shirokino Donetsk region from artillery systems of 152 mm calibre, the information on victims among the Ukrainian military didn’t arrive. About it on air of TV channel “112 Ukraine” was declared by the speaker of the press center of staff ATO Anton myronovych.

“The fact that some of them suffered, we have not received”, – he said.

Myronovych said that the Ukrainian side informed about any violations through JCCC representatives of the OSCE, what weapon and when used by the rebels. “We therefore hope that in the morning they will react appropriately, arrive on the scene and will fix the violations”, – he said.

“I would not say that militant activity has increased significantly on the Mariupol direction. We are constantly witnessing violations there, including near Shyrokyne and Novotroitsk. There consistently using prohibited weapons, so the trend remains unchanged. We know that there are large enough groups, they have banned weapons, a sufficiently large number of mortars and artillery systems. In particular, the 152-mm artillery systems were only recorded at night, so we do not exclude that they will continue to provoke our soldiers,” he concluded.

Earlier it was reported that the situation in the ATO zone remains difficult. Over the past day militants fired 31 times ATO forces. The most difficult situation in Mariupol direction, in particular in the area of Shirokino. Militants several times fired Ukrainian strongholds near the village of grenade, and then hit from a powerful artillery systems of caliber of 152 mm.