Ingulets sensationally knocked out of the Carpathians and reached the semi-finals of the Cup of Ukraine

Ингулец сенсационно выбил Карпаты и вышел в полуфинал Кубка Украины

Karpaty have gone from defeat in regulation time, but failed to win.

The second-League Ingulets became the second semifinalist of the Cup of Ukraine, Karpaty Lviv knocking. Makarov took the lead early in the second half but in injury time after a bulk and individual actions Swede Carpathians moved the game into overtime. There team without heads, and in the penalty shoot-out victory, and with it a spot in the semifinals, won the Ingulets.

The first semifinalist of the Cup of Ukraine became the dawn.

Ingulets — Karpaty 1:1 (5:4 – pen.)
Goals: A Generous, 50 — Swede, 90+6

Makarov: Of Sytnyky — Kovalev, Pavlov Balan — Zaporozhets, Klimenko (Podnebenny, 82), Kovalenko (Sichinava, 87), Lupasco, Generous (Kozak, 77) — Mishurenko (Sula, 98), Sinegub.

Carpathians: Kuchinsky — Kovtun (Sandukhadze, 81), Father, Megremis — Myakushko, Di Franco (Tolochko, 60), Ongal, Gutsulyak — Iodine, A Swede, Ponda (Vargas 72).

Warning: Mishurenko, Podnebenny, Balan Di Franco, Gutsulyak, Gueye, Tolochko, Vargas, Hongli

100-th minute was removed Roman Tolochko (Carpathians) (second warning).

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