Inna Bilenko: to provide for personal responsibility of a customs officer unfounded for the company’s inclusion in the list of risky

Risk management system in the Ukrainian customs system contains a lot of criteria by which companies fall into the list of risk, and the goods are subject to inspection. This was stated by the Chairman of the NGO “Customs control” Inna Bilenko in an interview with “Business capital”.

According to her, in addition to the approved DFS the list of risk criteria, customs in the regions complete the list their risks on the basis of which they can seize the cargo of any company and to give it a thorough inspection.

“In the management of risk profiling of the Department of customs State fiscal service justify it by the fact that on each route there are some nuances of work and the inspectors on the ground know best what violations usually committed by the company’s foreign trade activities. We also believe that it is necessary to establish a clear, the same algorithms of risk assessment for all customs,” says Bilenko.

In addition, the basis for the inspection can be the orientation of the SBU or prosecutors that in a car there is a suspicion – it may be carried contraband, or cargo using forged documents, etc. Often, such orientations can stand specific customers wishing to create problems for his rival.

The Chairman of the “Customs control” stressed that due to such a system in Ukraine under examination covers about 30% of goods, while in Europe inspected not more than 1%.

Bilenko believes that it is necessary to prevent malice in the beginning stages of the idea to break the law: “thus, it is necessary to notify the subjects of foreign economic activity on introduction them into the database risk. If someone wants to work on the scheme of understating of customs cost, lowering weight and so on, he wouldn’t change his principles who is willing to take risks – should know that it is waiting for the careful control, verification, and as a result, the Protocol, the penalty, confiscation… and, If the violation is fixed, the information about such companies should be publicly available on the Internet-a resource”.

In “Customs control” expect a special procedure for the goods at the customs, which are subject to inspection, which will be introduced in Ukraine from August 1, will greatly improve the situation.

“We hope that the situation will change. At the meeting on 25 may, the Cabinet of Ministers adopted a decision limiting the list of grounds for inspection of the goods at customs. Now not all letters with information from law enforcement agencies will be the basis for inspection of goods,” summed up Inna Bilenko.