“Inner circle” of Putin oversees about $24 billion – the media

"Ближний круг" Путина контролирует около $24 млрд – СМИ

Putin’s friends control the billions

In the surroundings include well-known Russian businessmen.

The so-called “inner circle” of Russian President Vladimir Putin may control about 24 billion dollars. This is stated in the materials research Center of corruption and organized crime, reports Echo of Moscow.

“Family members, old friends and friends who become members of the family of the Russian President, have assets for a total amount, which is the tenth part of the annual budget of the country” — such data are given in the materials research center of corruption.

As noted, we are talking about major Russian businessmen.

“The names of the people included in the “inner circle”, in General, have long known: it is related to oil and gas assets and large gospodryady businessmen Yuri Kovalchuk, Gennady Timchenko and the Rotenberg brothers”, – stated in the message.

A separate part of the investigation is devoted to people who allegedly act as “wallets” Putin: among them became known after the publication of “Panama records” cellist Sergei Roldugin. Two others — Mikhail Shelomov and Pyotr Kolbin also own the companies that control assets of great value. So, Shelomova belongs to a limited liability company Aktsept, which received a multimillion-dollar loan. from one of the Cyprus offshore.

Putin himself has repeatedly denied the possession of undeclared assets.

Recall, the British journalists the status of the President of Russia was estimated at $ 40 billion.