Innovation and robotics now trending: tracks awards “Panacea-2019”

Инновация и роботизация сейчас в тренде: следами премии "Панацея-2019"

In USA the best actors and Actresses get an Oscar, and the most pharmacies of Ukraine annual prize from the contest of pharmaceutical professionals “Panacea”.

The award was established in 1999 and today has become a bright event on a national scale. This time, the organizers celebrated the twentieth anniversary of the achievements of the pharmaceutical market. The rapid development of the industry have shifted the focus from tradition to innovation.

In the list of leaders of the pharmaceutical market turned out to be bright robotic farmbred, which offers innovative forms of self-service. In these pharmacies, the visitors have the possibility to order products with tablets that are installed in the sales rooms, as well as through the Internet, but that’s not all!

Инновация и роботизация сейчас в тренде: следами премии "Панацея-2019"



“Pharmacy penny” first ventured to take the work to work, and today it is this novel idea resonated with visitors and received a professional award.

Therefore, how to define marketing research, now in the trend of innovation. Competition of pharmaceutical market participants said this! “Pharmacy penny” is named “Pharmacy innovative forms of self-service” in the nomination “the Drugstore of the year”. It brings people together, living the interests of the pharmaceutical market and interested in customer satisfaction. About the benefits of robotic pharmacies ask Yana seredy, commercial Director of the “Apteka penny.”

Инновация и роботизация сейчас в тренде: следами премии "Панацея-2019"



What do you mean “Panacea” for pharmacies under the brand name “Apteka penny”?

— “Panacea” — it’s really a sign of quality for the pharmaceutical market of Ukraine, the corresponding pharmaceutical “Oscar”, which without pauses and interruptions during the 20 years goes to the Ukrainian professionals.

What achievements are you proud of?

— Our start was ambitious, but very successful. We immediately took a high position and have now become a pharmacy of the year.

“Pharmacy penny” supports the domestic product in our pharmacy work of Ukrainian production, which quickly and accurately assemble customer orders. Thanks to the work of the trading floor is no long queues.

Indeed robotics is a panacea?

— From the first day of its existence the brand “Apteka penny” took a course on robotics, and after 5 years we can see tangible results.

The quality mark “Panacea” emphasizes that experimental and revolutionary idea was not only successful, but also timely. Evolution in pharmacy — it is a process that is gaining momentum and has revolutionary implications. “Pharmacy penny” ahead of time and sets trends.

As pharmacy of the year it will certainly influence the determination of nominees for future years.

Инновация и роботизация сейчас в тренде: следами премии "Панацея-2019"



“Award” Panacea “is very important for all players in Ukrainian pharmaceutical market, — tells PR-the Director” Pharmacy penny Olga Grechko. —

This prestigious award identifies trends unites the authorities, points leaders for whom the development of the Ukrainian pharmaceutical sector is a priority. This year’s focus was the revolutionary form of customer self-service “Pharmacy penny”. We have proved that innovation and robotics is not only processes that have a right to exist, but the main vectors of further development. However, “drug store penny” is not just a robotic pharmacy is not only a creative brand, but also a powerful team of professionals who share a common goal — to guard the health of the population of Ukraine “.

Инновация и роботизация сейчас в тренде: следами премии "Панацея-2019"



For two decades, “Panacea” notes professionals in the pharmaceutical industry. Among the winners is the “Pharmacy penny”, which sets the trends for further development of the market and, undoubtedly, makes history.