Intelligent bull Terrier. Test drive the 405-strong coupe from Infiniti

Интеллигентный бультерьер. Тест-драйв 405-сильного купе от Infiniti

Strong but neat: Infiniti Q60 is a great choice for white collar, wanting to feel the Bullet.

This car appeared on the Ukrainian market, as casually and imperceptibly, without fanfare and applause. But something Infiniti Q60 clearly deserves, because it can be called the most innovative coupe in Ukraine. With the most innovation things are not worse and in related Q50, but it is a sedan.

The buyer coupe difference from others is more important – both internal and external. If Q60 thing is, theoretically, variable. The main dissimilarity will disappear in case of failure of the steering mechanism of a car is the insurance is built into the compartment. Then closes the special clutch, and the Q60 will receive the mechanical linkage of the steered wheels with a steering wheel. However, in such cases we do not know. And by default that connection in the car.

Интеллигентный бультерьер. Тест-драйв 405-сильного купе от Infiniti


Ukrainians, the car was offered only in the S version, or RedSport – letter-red. It denotes four-wheel drive and three-liter gasoline V6. Twin-turbo to 405 horses. And each of them, it seems, is cheaper than a horse of the main competitors – BMW 440ixDrive, Mercedes-AMGC43 4Matic. Unless, of course, not be considered “price from” and to compare the machine to its normal configuration. Q60 offered from top equipment Sport+Navi: all-wheel drive, led optics, leather interior, driver’s seat with adjustable lateral support and lumbar support, 7-speed automatic, adaptive dampers and more 1 602 thousand UAH. Everybody knows when the impulse of the soul supported by the calculator, success is inevitable.

Интеллигентный бультерьер. Тест-драйв 405-сильного купе от Infiniti



Front seat lovers, not ballrooms, but tight-fitting cockpits, tune in to a fighting mood. It is desirable that the lovers were not very high: with an average growth of our test pilot, and the lowest position of the seats on the head without reserve.

Rear seats for children, high teenage. Adult spin will be convenient in terms of comfort, the seats are good, but the head rests in the rear window. In principle, this is the feature of landing in most cars of this class, but remember it is worth.

Интеллигентный бультерьер. Тест-драйв 405-сильного купе от Infiniti


InfinitiQ60 – the infrequent case of a fast car that does not want to quickly switch to driving mode to Sport or Sport+. Due to the smooth nature of the engine, developing a maximum thrust already almost one and a half thousand revs, and quick thinking 7-speed automatic, Standard was not sad. On the contrary.

In a couple of sport modes, plus without it, the Q60 is acting completely as expected: quicker more responsive on the accelerator, not in a hurry to include a higher gear, stronger clamps dampers and sharper sharpens your very unusual wheel.


InfinitiQ60 equipped system DAS – the world’s first digital steering, calls it by the manufacturer. Here two electric motors (one on the steering shaft, the other on the rail), three control unit, insuring one just in case, as well as many wires. On them and run a driver’s mind, read by the wheel and transformed into a nimble flow of electrons.

Интеллигентный бультерьер. Тест-драйв 405-сильного купе от Infiniti


The most important advantage – the complete absence of echoes road irregularities. Interesting that sensation, back when the pit feel, but – no. And the control unit 200 times per second, analyzes the position of the wheels, it correlates with other parameters of motion and taxis. He therefore spared from having to correct the course on the straight or too cautious to find a pathway in turn. Help steering computer is very easy and perhaps useful. Like a real computer, it allows you to challenge yourself. Moreover, as the degree of effort and responsiveness.

Интеллигентный бультерьер. Тест-драйв 405-сильного купе от Infiniti



Enjoy a powerful motor is not only on the direct, but in turn – with all the limitations imposed by physics, of course. All-wheel drive is easy to forgive too much gas on a turn – shustrenko front axle “pulls” the car, the steering is close to neutral. The car clearly says ‘ trajectories, without trying to overtake the trunk hood. So InfinitiQ60 is a great choice for white collar workers wanting from time to time to feel the Bullet. And they seem to have already understood it.

Full version test here.