Inter waiting for verification for programs with 12-year-old mother

Интер ждут проверки из-за программы с 12-летней мамой

The channel is waiting for an unscheduled inspection due to a program with a schoolgirl

The program Applies to everyone has caused a great resonance in society.

The inter channel is waiting for an unscheduled inspection, which was appointed by the national Council on television and radio broadcasting in connection with the disclosure of this 12-year-old schoolgirl who gave birth to a child. Grader showed during the two episodes of each For 9 and 13 October, reports New era.

A statement on violation of legislation in the national Council asked the Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for human rights and activists of the Detector media.

“The Studio program discussed the corruption of a young child, but still burdened probable incest. That is, the offence for which you give from five to eight years in prison,” – said in a statement.

Experts also believe that what he saw could hurt a child TV audience as the program was broadcast in the evening.

It is noted that the girl with tears answering overly personal questions of employees of the TV channel. According to the Detector media, inter Milan has promised a continuation of the odious history of juvenile mother.

As reported, the young mother of Ukraine – 12-year-old Tanya Lucishin – starred in the talk show of the TV channel inter “Applies to everyone.”