Interbank system SWIFT warned customers about cyber attacks

Межбанковская система SWIFT предупредила клиентов о кибератаках

SWIFT encourages users worldwide to increase safety measures

Offenders registered in the network under the names of authorized users and work through their profile.

The society for worldwide interbank financial telecommunication SWIFT has warned of malicious software that purposefully disguises the manipulation of cash flows. The purpose of the program is to hide the traces of fraudulent transactions in the local client applications.

Moreover, the representatives of SWIFT did not preclude the installation of illegal software by hackers on local networks of banks and other financial institutions that regularly use SWIFT, and admit the weakness in your computer security.

Offenders registered in the network under the names of authorized users and work through their profile, says Reuters. Directly to work the SWIFT system and message exchange operations hacker program can not be affected, the statement said community.

SWIFT offers customers an updated programme of support to improve network security and to identify inconsistencies in the accounting records of the local databases. However, the community emphasizes that a key role in protecting against this type of attack the security measures that will take the clients in their local networks.

The latest blatant example of such attacks was the abduction in February, 81 million dollars from the account in the Central Bank of Bangladesh hackers that cracked security codes of the Federal reserve system. Then they hid the traces of their operations using the program evtdiag.exe.

Experts do not exclude that the criminals hacked into the program itself and the community of SWIFT Alliance Access, then set it in your program. Interbank SWIFT system covers more than 11 thousand banks all over the world.

Source: Russian service of DW