International channel of smuggling of illegal immigrants was blocked in Ukraine

Международный канал переправки нелегалов перекрыли в Украине

Migrants smuggled from Vietnam and Bangladesh in the EU

During the international special operation liquidated the large channel of a transportation of illegal immigrants. Participated in the investigation of the law enforcement agencies of Ukraine, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland.

The law enforcement agencies of Ukraine, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland in a joint operation eliminated the channel of illegal cross-border migration. This was reported by the press center of the State border service of Ukraine.

Security forces busted a group of about 35 people, which included citizens of Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, Slovakia and Belarus. The attackers illegally transported immigrants from the countries of South-East Asia across the state border of Ukraine to Slovakia, Poland and Hungary, with a view to their subsequent delivery to Germany. About it reported in Prosecutor’s office of Transcarpathia.

“The scheme operated as follows: the group of illegal migrants was formed in Kiev and Odessa, and then transported hidden in the Carpathians for the transfer of local guides across the border into neighbouring countries. From there, illegal immigrants transported by transit through the territory of Slovakia, Poland, the Czech Republic to the capital of Germany – Berlin and Dresden,” – said in the message.

Overall, documented 13 episodes of illegal trafficking of migrants, mainly citizens of Vietnam and Bangladesh. The total number of illegal migrants – more than 70 people.

The other day was detained the organizers and accomplices of a criminal group. Also, a number of searches, in particular, the seven locations of residence of the defendants in Ivano-Frankivsk, Lviv and Transcarpathian regions. Most of them are hiding outside of Ukraine. During the searches, seized a significant amount of drugs, unregistered weapons, money, mobile phones, SIM cards, camouflage clothing.

In parallel, on the territory of the Czech Republic have detained 12 members of a specified group, of which eight citizens of Ukraine, three citizens of Uzbekistan and one citizen of Kazakhstan.

Earlier in Poland arrested three poles and one Ukrainian on suspicion of participation in a criminal group, which organized for Ukrainian citizens illegally crossing the border and further migration.

It was also reported that seven illegal migrants from Turkey and their probable pereprevshego detained in Transcarpathia by the border guards of Mukachevo detachment in the course of coordinated action with their Hungarian colleagues.

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