Internet Association to block sites: Censorship

Интернет Ассоциация о блокировке сайтов: Цензура

The Internet Association announced the beginning of political censorship in Ukraine

The organization announced the beginning of political censorship in Ukraine.

The Internet Association of Ukraine* said that the real purpose of the decree about blocking Russian sites is the creation of political censorship.

This is stated in the statement by the Association regarding its official position on Internet censorship.

“We are inclined to conclude that the true purpose of introducing Internet censorship in Ukraine is purely the creation of political censorship,” – said in the message.

It is noted that whatever the original purpose of censorship, their only result in the end is restricting the dissemination of information among users.

“That is, the impact on broad public opinion and electoral preferences of the population by limiting the spread of “undesirable” information”, – emphasized in the Internet Association.

Internet Association added that I want to see the development of network technologies in Ukraine at the level of countries such as USA, Japan and Germany.

“And not next to Russia, Iran, North Korea. IAU speaks out against implementation of the technical mechanism of the Internet censorship,” concluded the Association.

Earlier in the Internet Association said that providers are not ready to block sites. In the organization noted that to implement the decree on blocking of social networks is very difficult.

Корреспондент.net collected basic information about blocking Russian sites in Ukraine.

The Internet Association of Ukraine – industry trade Association that unites the efforts of member companies in the development of the Internet in the country. It includes 198 enterprises.