Into the hands of Ukraine. As the EU hampers Nord stream-2

На руку Украине. Как ЕС тормозит Северный поток-2

The ship Pioneering Spirit is laying Nord stream-2

Gazprom will have to agree to increase gas transit through Ukrainian territory to obtain the agreement of Denmark, experts say.

The Council of the European Union and Denmark separately adopted new measures designed to complicate the introduction of the Russian gas pipeline Nord stream-2 into operation, so to run it until 2020, as planned, Gazprom, is unlikely.

Russia will probably have to settle for pumping through Ukraine, much larger amounts of gas than planned, to soften the attitude of Europeans to the new pipe, in mass media. Корреспондент.net tells details.

Denmark lays all the runs SP-2

Denmark is the only country that has not given permission for the laying of the Nord stream-2 through its territory. Russia, Finland, Sweden and Germany have already agreed to lay pipe.

Moreover, in 2017, the country passed a special law that allows the government to prohibit the laying of gas pipelines in the territorial waters of the country for political reasons.

After that, Gazprom, which initially was going to lay a gas pipeline along the same route as the first Nord stream, has prepared and filed with the Danish regulator, a second application for laying on another route.

The leaders in deposits. In Ukraine grows gas production

But on March 26, Denmark demanded that the pipe was laid in the exclusive economic zone of Denmark to the South of the island of Bornholm and 15 April it became known that the project company Nord Stream 2 agreed to consider the option of laying the pipe on the new, already the third route.

На руку Украине. Как ЕС тормозит Северный поток-2



For environmental assessment need 3-6 months, after which the regulator will still be studying its results, which takes about three months. And in General, the regulator is not bound to any formal deadlines for permission.

“The requirement of filing according to the third embodiment of the route, despite the presence of two existing applications that have passed the review process and meet the conditions of authorization should be regarded only as a deliberate attempt to delay the completion of the project”, – quotes RBC statement of the project company SP-2.

Nord Stream 2 also indicate that the start delay will lead to a rise in gas prices throughout Europe. There also can’t plan the timing of the launch.


The EU complicates the path

On 15 April, the EU Council finally approved the draft amendments to the gas Directive, according to which the rules governing the internal gas market of the EU, will be applied to pipelines from third countries, including Nord stream-2.

However, as noted by DW, the pipeline will need to meet more stringent requirements. In Brussels are said to have gone to such measures to ensure competition and protect consumer rights.

Major requirement four. The first of these stipulates that the transport of gas may not engage the same company who produces and sells gas. Gazprom will have to create a separate operator, independent from the Russian monopolist.

For SP-2. Berlin approved the controversial reform in the EU

A second requirement is that the access of third companies to Nord stream-2. In practice, this is likely to mean that some capacity will have to keep empty.

The third – competitive rates for the transportation of gas will be set by the regulator from Germany. Fourth, the pipeline will have to work transparently, particularly in the issue of security of supply.

However, there are possible exceptions. Probably for this reason, Russian energy Minister Alexander Novak said that these amendments do not threaten the project.

According to the EU reached a compromise, negotiations on the construction of gas pipelines with third countries and the format of the application of EU standards to such projects will determine the country, on territory of which will be supplied gas.

In the case of project Gazprom is Germany, which supports the Nord stream-2. But the European Commission is a decision block.

In addition, the European Union adopted amendments to the gas Directive made the implementation of the project Nord stream-2 is more realistic, however, can lead to the fact that the pipeline will not be able to work in normal mode. Detail in the material Will be half-empty: a compromise in EU Sepatuku-2.


For transit through Ukraine

Experts surveyed by RBC, said that the delay in the launch of Nord stream-2 even for a few months means that with high probability it will not be launched before the end of this year, which greatly degrade the position of Moscow in the negotiations over the renewal of gas transit contract between Gazprom and Naftogaz.

Kommersant also writes about strengthening of positions of Ukraine. The Danish authorities will hardly give 2 Nord Stream permission to lay pipes before the transit contract between Gazprom and Naftogaz is not executed.

Now Gazprom will be forced to negotiate with Ukraine on the transit in 2020, a very substantial volumes of gas – many times more than called the head of monopoly Alexey Miller a year ago to 10-15 billion cubic meters per year, the newspaper said.

The new version of the EU Directive is also important for the negotiations between Ukraine and Russia on gas transit next year. The current contract between Kiev and Moscow expires on December 31. The launch of Nord stream-2 will allow Russia to supply it the gas is now transported to the EU via Ukraine.


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