Investigation of the possible influence of the Russian Federation on elections in the United States is a “super secret” Department of the FBI – CNN

Расследование о возможном влиянии РФ на выборы в США ведет "суперсекретный" отдел ФБР, - CNN

Investigation about possible influence of Russia on elections in the United States is pursuing a “super secret” division of the FBI.

This was reported by CNN, citing sources.

This Department is known within the Bureau as “counter-intelligence unit” (Counterintelligence Division). He works to protect the secrets of US intelligence, technology, private and public institutions, as well as counter-spies, including cyberprotest. The investigation of election-related do 15-20 agents.

We will remind, the head of the FBI held a private meeting with members of the Senate on the RF interference in the elections.

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