Investigation on Yanukovych suspended – Deputy

Расследование по Януковичу остановлено - депутат

The GPU is said to have stopped the investigation on Yanukovych

In GPU based their decision on what is wanted these ex-officials, says people’s Deputy.

The Prosecutor General’s office stopped pre-trial investigation into former President Viktor Yanukovych and a number of senior officials who worked with him, said the people’s Deputy from Samopomich Olena Sotnyk in Facebook.

“Sabotage on removal of inviolability from Novinsky (the day before the Parliament Committee has postponed a verdict in the case of Novinskiy – ed.) is just one of the characters that nobody is going to punish the “criminal power”. The General Prosecutor’s office stopped the investigation of criminal proceedings regarding Yanukovych V. F., Azarov, A. M., Lucas, A. L., Stavitsky E. A., A. P. Klyuev, Pshonka V. P., Zakharchenko V. Yu., and many other “worthy” people,” she wrote.

According to her, the GPU based their decision on what is wanted by these former officials.

“However, for such cases when the suspect’s hiding from investigation and trial, it was stipulated in the criminal process of the Institute of the correspondence legal procedure that does not require the presence of suspects”, – said the politician.

“In fact, this situation means that prosecutors can reopen the case only after “find” Yanukovych, Azarov and Pshonka and others, “Criminal power” can sleep…”, – she wrote.

It is noteworthy that today the Prosecutor General’s office announced the transfer to the court the criminal proceedings on economic crimes Yanukovych.

And earlier this month, the GPU announced Yanukovych a suspect in eight cases.