Investigation Sheremet had no effect.

Расследование по делу Шеремета не дало результата - Луценко

The investigators do have suspects in the murder Sheremet

The result, two years later, still do porn, not out on the perpetrators of the murder of a journalist, recognized the Prosecutor General.

In the investigation of the murder of journalist Pavel Sheremet law enforcement system still has not given any result. This was told by Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko on air of the TV channel direct.

The head of the GPU said that the investigation at this time is not left to the perpetrators of the murder.

“In the case of Sheremet’s not even the performers … Really, I recognize, the entire law enforcement system has not given result. On the other hand, do not expect miracles in a single country,” – said Lutsenko.

We will note, in August, Lutsenko said that in the case of Sheremet has information that can bring to the performers and customers.

We will remind, Pavel of Sheremet died 20 July 2016 in the explosion of his car in the center of Kiev. The Prosecutor’s office the death of a journalist called murder.

Despite the availability of video recording with the performers of murder of the journalist, police say they don’t have enough evidence to solve the case.

But the police said that the investigation found the person who may be involved in the murder Sheremeta, but it still needs to be identified.


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