Investment in electric vehicles – an alternative to Bank deposits

Инвестиции в электромобили – альтернатива банковским вкладам

The company “Oxygen Group” offers fans of electric vehicles to contribute to the ecology of the environment and still make a profit.

Additional income can be obtained by investing in a taxi service “Oksi Taxi”, which consists exclusively of environmentally-friendly cars.

The terms of the investment program is simple, affordable and guarantee a fixed monthly payment with minimal risk. The specialists of “Oxygen Groups” have developed 2 options of investment: with the purchase of an electric vehicle and a rental to the taxi service or investment secured by electric taxi fleet.

In the case of purchase of an electric vehicle and rental, a participant receives a dividend of 25% per annum on the total cost of the car, which is a monthly fixed fee – 2%. To buy the car can be in a multi-brand dealership, “Oxygen”, which represents brands from well-known manufacturers: Nissan, Tesla, BMW, Ford, Fiat and others. A hypothetical example of the income for 1 year, for example, the most popular in the world and Ukraine electric car Nissan Leaf: the value of the car from 385 000 x 25% = 96 from 250 UAH.

The following investment scheme is designed for those who are not currently considering the purchase of an electric vehicle. Signed with the company “Oxygen Groups” a loan agreement for one year, the participant’s investment program will receive dividends at the rate of 18% per annum from the total loan amount or monthly 1.5% for the rental of electric cars. The depositing is carried out in national currency of Ukraine in the amount specified in the contract (from 18 000 USD in UAH equivalent at the rate of NBU on the date of payment depending on the cost of the electric car, which acts as a Deposit). After the expiry of the contract period and in case of failure of the project participant from the rollover, the loan amount is returned to the project participant in the national currency of Ukraine (at what rate. Conditional numerical example of income for 1 year: 18 000.e. (minimum amount of the loan) x 18% = 3 240.e.

Alexander Vovk, General Director of the company “Oxygen Groups”: “Today, the Internet is replete with suggestions for investments – Bank deposits, financial support for startups, investing in business, real estate, gold, etc. the investor’s Task is not only to invest money, but to reduce the risk of loss to a minimum. We have developed a program that eliminates the risk of failure to return invested funds. The investor receives a significantly higher percentage than, for example, a Bank Deposit, and has a reliable guarantee in the form of electric car. We provide a transparent and clear procedure of execution of an agreement with notarial certification. In addition to the material component, our investment program offers to join the trend of eco-movement and to contribute to the popularization of electric vehicles in Ukraine”.

Detailed conditions of the investment program, please call: (044) 323 48 48.