Involved in the schemes in the defense Ministry, the company will protect the ex-Prosecutor General

Причастную к схемам в Минобороны компанию будет защищать экс-замгенпрокурор

Vitaliy KASKO

Vitaliy KASKO will be as a lawyer to defend suspected of corruption.

Former Deputy Prosecutor General Vitaliy KASKO resigned member of the Board of “Transparency International Ukraine” and intends to defend the interests of scandalizing company “trade Commodity” in relation to the position in a criminal case to NAB the purchase of fuel, the defense Ministry, the press service of TI in Facebook.

“Member of the Board of Transparency International Ukraine, partner of law firm “Vasil Kisil and Partners” Vitaly KASKO resigned. His decision KASKO explained that as head of the practice of criminal law is one of the leading law firms in Ukraine, he will probably participate in the defense of clients, including suspected corruption offences”, – stated in the message.

The organization explained that despite the fact that the global practice, the identification of counsel and the client is invalid, exist in Ukraine and will continue efforts to highlight the work of the defense in these matters as a conflict of interest between professional advocacy and public activity, now as a member of the Board of mission of the global anti-corruption network.

It was also noted that the TI Board upheld the decision of the KASKO.

Earlier, the activities of those involved in corruption schemes in the Ministry of defence of the company “trade Commodity” associated with the loved ones to the President of the people’s Deputy Alexander Granovsky.