IQOS and VAPI. Real danger or horror stories

IQOS и вейпы. Реальная опасность или страшилки

Interest in electronic devices for smokers peaked. Answer the most controversial questions on this subject. What is the mysterious disease of vapers? Does IQOS formaldehyde? Why blow up weepy?

What is the “mysterious disease vapers” ?

Lately on hearing the news of the “mysterious disease of vapers”. The name itself already makes you doubt the veracity. In modern medicine, even poorly understood disease, scientists will not be called “mysterious disease”. Figure out what that story is and where it came from.

In the United States for August was recorded 94 treatment in medical institutions with symptoms of respiratory disease who are unable to correlate with the most common syndromes. Symptoms include frequent coughing, shortness of breath, shortness of breath, weakness. Some of the patients also complained of diarrhea, weight loss and nausea.

In 25 of the 94 reported cases, doctors confirmed that the symptoms coincide with each other. In all confirmed cases the patients claimed to have used VAPI (electronic devices, volatile liquid) and in different forms used products containing tetrahydrocannabinol, the cannabinoid contained in the leaves of the hemp (cannabis) and used for medical purposes.

At the request of the center for control and disease prevention in the U.S. these symptoms can be associated with the use of vaping. But in the same way, they can be associated with the use of cannabis or a combination of both factors. Or even with other not yet identified factors.

By the way, to the systems of heating of tobacco, such as IQOS and glo, these symptoms have no relationship. No one sought medical aid is not used IQOS.

Why “blow up” wapi? Does it happen with IQOS?

In the news they write about the terrible incidents connected with the explosion of wapow and electronic cigarettes. To begin to understand how often this happens and what is the probability that vaping is going to explode.

From 2009 to 2016 in the USA was recorded 195 cases of fire wapow and electronic cigarettes. While in the US studies was 10.8 million e-cigarette users. Consequently, the vaping can light up only 0,0018% of users, i.e. 1.8 cases of fire on 100,000 users.

For comparison, the chance of getting in an accident in Ukraine is 0.017 per cent (according to the patrol police Department 135 thousand of reported incidents for 8 million cars). There’s a chance to get in an accident exactly a thousand times higher than the chance that the electronic cigarette will light up or blow up.

IQOS и вейпы. Реальная опасность или страшилки



Why is this happening? It’s not so much that weepy, but in the fact that they are within lithium-ion batteries. Same as in smartphones. Yeah, that’s why the phones sometimes ignite or explode.

Each battery has a built-in controller that protects the battery from over-voltage when charging and turns off when it overheats. It is the failure of the controller is the pure cause of the fire in a cheap or outdated batteries. In modern batteries is a rarity and the exception. For example, if we are talking about serial factory second, as was the case with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. The second reason is mechanical damage to the integrity of the shell of the battery. This can occur as a result of a fall, or due to human intervention, for example, when attempting to fix something yourself.

The latter often becomes the cause of the fire wapow. Customization of the gadget is a part of waberski subculture, but it also represents the main danger. In the pursuit of kostomloty in VAPI often installed defective battery, change resistance current into mechanical mods, overheat the device.

Gadgets are not designed for self-upgrade, for example, in disposable electronic cigarettes or heating systems are of tobacco such risks are minimal. General recommendations in order to avoid fire battery e-cigarette the same as for smartphones:

– do not try to repair the gadgets themselves, and do not replace the battery yourself;

– not to pick out the battery with sharp objects do not drop it, avoid mechanical damage;

– do not allow overheating;

– charge only with original charger.

How much nicotine is in bapah and IQOS?

Is there any nicotine in bapah? Remember once and for all. Nicotine is contained in any goods for smokers – cigarettes, cigarillos, cigars, sticks for systems of heating of tobacco, liquids for wapow and e-cigarettes, tobacco for hookah, chewing and snuff tobacco.

Nicotine in any quantity is addictive and dependence. And although nicotine is not the dangerous substance when Smoking (carcinogenic tar is much more harmful they cause cancer and numerous respiratory diseases), but good health also brings. To avoid abuse nikotinsoderzhaschie products. Especially careful you have to be individual people with hypersensitivity to nicotine, with cardiovascular diseases, gastritis and ulcer.

Quit Smoking using electronic cigarettes or icoca will not work. Because, as mentioned above, harmful tar, though there not, but the amount of nicotine same normal cigarettes. Although ex-smokers often say that to throw them helped e-cigarette or ICOS, it is rather a psychological effect than the physiological. And scientific evidence is not available.

IQOS и вейпы. Реальная опасность или страшилки



Does the amount of nicotine in all of Smoking gadgets?

No, not the same. Dressing wapow are different, and the concentration of the nicotine in them that is called, on the fan. The norms of the European Union consider a safe concentration of nicotine in the liquid is 2%. In Ukraine such restrictions. Therefore, for example, in Pody for Juul, the concentration of nicotine is 5%. That is, in absolute terms, one under, which is the equivalent of a pack of cigarettes contains 59 mg of nicotine. Although the most common cigarette 6-ka contain only 12 mg of nicotine in one pack. A bundle of sticks Heets for IQOS – 10 mg.

IQOS и вейпы. Реальная опасность или страшилки



So be careful, read the composition of the consumables before you buy an electronic replacement for cigarettes. Avoid higher concentrations of nicotine.

Is there formaldehyde in a couple of wapow and aerosol IQOS?

As we studied what is formaldehyde and where does it come from, I realized that he is everywhere. Here is the truth, where not tkni, it releases formaldehyde. Furniture made of particleboard, PVC Wallpaper, window, sex toys, plastic grille vent pipes, burning tobacco cigarette.
Through intensive airing in the next couple of months, the level of formaldehyde released by furniture of particle Board (almost all kitchen sets, shelves, frames, sofas, etc.) can be reduced to a very dangerous level to dangerous. People living with new furniture made of particleboard, for several years may suffer from causeless headaches, weakness, dizziness, and nausea.

While burning tobacco in a conventional cigarette is also released formaldehyde. Aerosol IQOS, according to research, contains 66-91% less formaldehyde than cigarette smoke. But some fraction of the aerosol is still present. However, when the transition from cigarettes to ICOS smoker still significantly reduces the harm to health.

In most cases, the sites that publish the headlines “IQOS releases formaldehyde”, not comparing its concentration with cigarette smoke, but simply refer to the UCLA study.

But this research is great questions. A few months ago the FDA (us authority for quality control) finished the security check IQOS and allowed its sale in the United States. In the decision, the administration was guided by existing research, R&D center Philip Morris, and independent research laboratories. Moreover, initiated several additional tests. Overall, the FDA relied on the results of 8 independent studies, and 2 more (and among them is the work of the University of California) were considered unreliable and unfair and rejected.

A couple of wapow and electronic cigarettes can also contain formaldehyde. Only he stands out because of the thermal decomposition of the flavours contained in the dressing. So at least according to scientists from the desert research Institute in Nevada (why is the desert they studied the vapor electronic cigarettes – don’t know).

Can melt the filter sticks for IQOS?

Often meets the assertion that formaldehyde is released as a result of the fact that plastic filter the dirt melts. Each part of this statement is incorrect.

IQOS и вейпы. Реальная опасность или страшилки



First, the filter sticks for IQOS is not made of plastic and biopolymer polylactide. Polylactide is a biodegradable material, safe to human body. It is derived from natural materials – sugar cane, corn starch, lactic acid. Of the same material produce, for example, bioresorbable surgical sutures.

One of the characteristics of polylactide – to absorb excess moisture and heat from the aerosol. This is the main function of the filter in the sticks, because the products of combustion and tars that need to be filtered there.

Second, theoretically, polylactide, and any biopolymer can melt. But the minimum temperature necessary for melting the polylactide – 250⁰С. While the temperature of the aerosol IQOS much lower, otherwise it was not possible to inhale, not burned.

Details on the composition of sticks is better to look on the official website of the manufacturer.

What can I recommend?

1. Do not smoke. No cigarettes, no hookah, no weepy, to any other device.
2. If you still smoke – control not cigarettes, but that does less damage to your health and the health of others. For example, electronic cigarette with low nicotine levels (not by Juul) and the low aromatization or heating of tobacco (like IQOS).
3. Do not disassemble or attempt to repair your own ikosi and weepy not to damage the battery.
4. Check all that you read in the press, before you blindly follow journalistic ducks.