Iran: Price of oil will rise because of the actions of trump

Иран: Цена на нефть вырастет из-за действий Трампа

Iran predicts rise in oil prices

Tehran warns that because of the policies of Washington, the oil prices will soon cross the mark of 100 dollars per barrel.

Iran’s representative to OPEC, Hussein Kazempur Ardebili said that oil prices will return to around $ 100 per barrel because of the actions of the US President Donald trump, according to Reuters.

According to him, due to the fact that the United States has blocked Iran’s access to global markets, the country has become “a hostage to Saudi Arabia and Russia” who are not interested in reducing oil prices.

“The responsibility for that consumers around the world, especially in USA, pay unreasonable money for fuel, rests on your shoulders, and soon we will see prices over $ 100 per barrel”, − said Ardebili.

The Agency notes that in the US, rising petrol prices, and this may affect the result of the Republicans during the midterm elections to Congress, which will be held this fall.

The day before trump criticized OPEC, calling the organization a monopoly, and encouraged immediately to reduce oil prices.

Earlier it was reported that Iran has threatened to block oil deliveries through the Strait of Hormuz in the Persian Gulf if the United States would prevent the sales of Iranian oil.

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