Iran urged OPEC not to increase oil production

Иран призвал ОПЕК+ не наращивать добычу нефти

Iran asks OPEC not to increase oil production

Iran called on the countries participating in the agreement of OPEC (Organization of countries – exporters of oil and non-cartel countries) not to agree to increase oil production.

Iran called on member countries of the OPEC agreement not to agree on increasing oil production, according to Bloomberg.

“The market is well supplied, and OPEC should stick to its decision until the end of the year. I’m sure many other OPEC members feel and act the same way”, – said the representative of Iran in the cartel Hussain Kazempour Ardebili.

Saudi Arabia decided to increase oil production

Earlier media reported that the day before the announcement of withdrawal from the nuclear deal with Iran, the US government has asked Saudi Arabia (OPEC member) guarantees the stabilization of oil prices, if they start to rise sharply. The US was worried that oil supplies from Iran will be broken and the price of oil will rise.

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