Iraqi troops entered the ISIS captured Fallujah

Иракские войска вошли в захваченную ИГИЛ Фаллуджу

Iraqi troops entered the ISIS captured Fallujah from three directions, started a new operation in winning the city, AFP reported.

“Iraqi forces entered Fallujah under the cover of an international coalition, the Iraqi air force and supported by artillery and tanks,” said Lieutenant-General in the Iraqi army, Abdelwahab al-Saadi.

The entrance to the city in three directions began at about 4 am, during the operation there is a suppression of the resisting militants of the “Islamic state”.

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The city is still about 50 thousand civilians.

Note that Fallujah is under the control of ISIS since 2014. The town is located in Anbar province about 57 km West of Baghdad, on the Euphrates river. Often referred to as the “city of mosques” — in the city and nearby villages has built more than 200 mosques.

This city is a stronghold of militants, which often penetrate in the Baghdad suicide bombers.

It was reported that on 24 may on the streets of the Iraqi city of Fallujah appeared executioners of the terrorist organization “Islamic state”. Punitive patrols were ordered to kill anyone who tries to leave the city or to hang out the white flag when trying to assault the city by government forces.