Irina Gerashchenko about the failure of the militants of the exchange of hostages: the Cynicism and outright cruelty

Ирина Геращенко о срыве боевиками обмена заложниками: Цинизм и откровенная жестокость

The representative of Ukraine in the negotiations in the sub-group on humanitarian Affairs in Minsk, Irina Herashchenko commented on the failure of the militants of the exchange of hostages. The corresponding statement she posted to Facebook.

Leonid Kuchma reminded everyone about the agreement of all parties made on the 20th of April, the release of the hostages for Easter, again and again led all the lists sent by the Ukrainian side on April 20 and 21, on which there is still no answer… Although Madame engaged in ORDO “human rights,” promised that their “leaders” will bring these lists on April 29 in Minsk. Of course, today nobody has traditionally brought. Sabotage and incompetence, cynicism and outright cruelty… because of the cynicism of the so-called “representatives of ORDO” 75 people will be on holidays not at home. Of these 75, the Ukrainian side was ready to convey exactly 50 ORDO. 25 and of Ukrainians at home was waiting for mom and wife. This is the price to the militants and their “Orthodoxy”, – she wrote.

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We will remind, at the meeting of the contact group on 20 April, the Ukrainian side handed over to representatives of the “DNR” list of the 25 hostages in need of immediate release. While Kiev has said it is ready to transmit in return the militants of 50 people and proposed this exchange before Easter.

We will note, according to the latest data, in captivity of fighters there are 114 people, 12 more – in Russia.