“ISIS” has claimed responsibility for the attack in a hospital in Kabul, ongoing special operation

"ИГИЛ" взяла ответственность за теракт в госпитале Кабула, продолжается спецоперация

Terrorist group “Islamic state” has claimed responsibility for the attack on a military hospital in the Afghan capital Kabul. Today continues a special operation to capture terrorists. About it reports Reuters.

Security forces blocked the area around the hospital, next to a busy road junction and the special forces soldiers descended onto the roof from helicopters.

During a firefight killed one Afghan soldier, three more were wounded.

We will remind, on Wednesday, March 8, near the military hospital explosion. All were five attackers, one was blown up near the main entrance to the hospital, the other four got inside the building. According to media reports, the militants attacked a military hospital in Kabul, were dressed in white coats of doctors.

Today it was reported that two militants who attacked a military hospital in the Afghan capital, liquidated by security forces, two others continue to resist.

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The Ministry of health said that the attack killed at least three people and more than 60 were injured.

Note, in the past year, the militants of “ISIL” has carried out several high-profile attacks on civilian targets in Kabul.

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