ISIS militants have again started the capture of Palmyra

Боевики ИГИЛ снова начали захват Пальмиры

ISIS militants

The militants of the terrorist organization “Islamic state” recaptured the Syrian city of Palmyra. On it informs Agency AP, citing Syrian opposition activists and human rights organization Syrian Observatory of Human Rights.

It is reported that government troops retreated from the city to the South. Also controlled by ISIS Agency Amaq spread the message about the capture of the city, AFP reports. The Agency reports that the retreat was only temporary and now ISIS regained control over Palmyra.

In the meantime, Reuters reports on the ongoing battle for the city in which each of the parties claims that a superiority on her side.

In particular, at the Russian centre of reconciliation of the warring parties in Syria report that a new attack on Palmyra involved to four thousand militants who were thrown from the area of Raqqa. However, the Syrian troops “are defensive fighting”, quotes the message “Interfax”.

“Despite heavy losses in manpower and technology, terrorists strive to get closer and to gain a foothold inside the city, as the aircraft of Russian air force on residential areas of the city of Palmyra the blows are not applied”, — said Russian military.

We will remind, the Russian troops airstrikes forced ISIL militants to pull back from the center of Palmyra after yesterday’s attempts of militants to storm the city. ISIS militants for the first time in a long time, trying to take control of the city of Palmyra in Eastern Syria.

Palmyra is a strategic town for ISIS due to the fact that is close to the gas and oil fields.