Israel has threatened to destroy air defense systems to Syria during the attack on his aircraft

Израиль пригрозил уничтожать комплексы ПВО Сирии при атаках на его самолеты

Forces of air defence of Syria will be destroyed if you try to prevent Israeli planes to destroy weapons destined for Hezbollah fighters. This was stated by defense Minister of Israel Avigdor Lieberman, reports

“We will not compromise. If there is a threat to the state of Israel, we will strike. And if the Syrian air defense will again open fire on our aircraft, we will have to destroy them,” said Lieberman during his visit to the Central recruiting office of the Israeli army in tel-Hashomer.

According to him, Israel does not participate in the civil war in Syria and does not seek an escalation in the relations with the neighboring country. The attacks on Syrian territory are applied only in case of emergency, when there is a risk of transmission in Lebanon of strategic weapons that change the balance in the region.

Israeli aircraft struck Syrian territory the day before, on March 17. While the Syrian military fired at invading the country’s airspace the aircraft anti-aircraft missiles. Damascus said the incident was shot down by the Israeli air force.

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