Israel, Ukraine has made the list of dangerous countries

Израиль внес Украину в перечень опасных стран

Israel, Ukraine has made the list of dangerous to visit the countries of measles

The government of Israel recommends its citizens not to visit Ukraine because of the high probability of Contracting measles.

The Israel Ministry of health on Tuesday, may 14, urged its citizens to refrain from traveling to countries where a high probability of Contracting measles, in particular, in Ukraine during the period from 25 April to 2 may measles sick 1399 people, and Georgia. This is stated on the website of the Ministry of health of Israel, reports the Commander in chief.

It is noted that such a statement, the Ministry of health of Israel published for the first time. The office noted that the increase in cases of measles during travel to these countries.

While the health Ministry said that 70% of cases of infection accounted for unvaccinated children, mostly from the ultra-Orthodox sector.

In addition, Ukraine and Georgia to the list of the most dangerous for infection countries include Albania and Madagascar. The increased risk persisted when traveling in Europe and some regions of the United States (including new York).

“During the visits to these countries, vaccination is mandatory,” reads the website of the Ministry of health.

Note, since the beginning of the outbreak of measles ache more than 100 thousand Ukrainians, 37 of whom died.

Earlier it was reported that the vaccine for measles in Ukraine became free for people of any age.


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