Israeli boy found a rare ancient figurine of the goddess

Израильский мальчик нашел редкую древнюю фигурку богини

The boy holds in his hands the ancient figure of the goddess the age of about 11.5 thousand years

According to experts, the age of the finds ranges from 11 to 12 thousand years. The figure depicts the goddess of fertility.

In Israel boy Itamar Bern have discovered a figure of the goddess of fertility, whose age is 11-12 thousand years. About it writes The Times of Israel.

According to the newspaper, the teenager found a strange stone while traveling. Two years he had lain him in a box, together with other stones.

One day, a mysterious fossil saw the boy’s mother and took her friend archaeologist Renate Rosenthal-Heginbottom. Specialist, studied the figurine, found that it depicts the goddess of fertility and is very ancient.

A tiny figure is a pregnant woman, presumably the mother goddess. In early times such figures of men used as amulets.

Earlier it was reported that Egypt was discovered by a new statue of the Sphinx, having the head of a lion with a human face.

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