Israel’s Prime Minister has threatened the Ministers early elections

Премьер Израиля пригрозил министрам досрочными выборами

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he was ready to hold early elections if the Corporation for public broadcasting will not be closed before its official launch, reports Haaretz.

A new Corporation for public broadcasting was supposed to replace the old Management of radio and television, which fired thousands of employees who, after firing hold a protest.

The Prime Minister said that if the Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon refuses to close the new Corporation for public broadcasting and not to reform the old, Israel will hold elections.

Noted that on March 16, Netanyahu and Kahlon had agreed to launch a new broadcast Corporation April 30, but on Saturday, March 18, the Israeli Prime Minister “changed his mind”.

Netanyahu wrote in a Saturday Facebook to change its decision, he was forced meetings with employees old television, and their “heartbreaking stories”.

He also wrote that in contrast to the data provided by the Ministry of Finance, it is cheaper to continue broadcasting the old company than to create new ones. “So, why do we need a Corporation?” – he wrote.

Earlier, Netanyahu called the cause of air strikes by the Israeli air force in Syria.

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