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Стало известно, сколько заработали финалисты Лиги чемпионов

Juventus – Real Madrid

The published size of the prize Juventus and real Madrid for the participation in the Champions League 2016/17.

Juventus despite the defeat against real (1:4) in the final of the Champions League is still earned for performance in the tournament more than any other, according to Football Italia.

Total income the payments from UEFA and sponsors, as well as ticket sales and TV rights to broadcast amounted to 109 million euros, which is 30 million more than will be given to the winner of the European Cup – real Madrid earned only 80.9 per million.

The reason for this difference was the distribution of funds across countries. Juventus split the money from the sale of TV rights only with Napoli, while real Madrid had to share the funds with three clubs.

Earlier it was reported, the management of real Madrid has promised each player of the team for the victory in the Champions League for 1.5 million euros.

According to the materials: