It became known as the “servants of the people” on the polygraph will check

Стало известно, как "слуг народа" на полиграфе будут проверять

The head of the servant of the people believe that his colleagues did not take bribes

“Lie detector” is still in Ukraine has no legal force, but it only shows 2-3% margin of error.

The Chairman of the faction servant of the people David Arakhamiya expressed confidence that his colleagues did not take bribes for the decision in the committees.

According to him, inspections of Deputatov lie-detector two: “one today is indicative, the second one for all” to avoid innuendo, writes up.

“I never wanted it to be as it is now: the whole country sees how we pass a polygraph. We wanted an internal discussion, then, Mr. Leshchenko or someone wrote about it and started some intrigue, scandal, investigation. It’s such an intimate thing within the faction we wanted to solve it quietly and not publicly. But if the public – let’s do it as publicly as possible “, – he said.

Arakhamia stressed that the Specialized anti-corruption Prosecutor’s office opened criminal proceedings according to media reports – it does not mean that there are grounds for suspicion.

“We are in the faction want to go back to point zero when there are no recriminations. We all got tested – and say,” We are all healthy, happy, let’s continue to work on.” If someone will show any risks – then it would be a different story,” he explained.

According to arakhamiya, the exclusion from the faction – this will be the lightest of possible penalties.

“There are 4 or 5 questions and received a fee from any version of the bill, or you’re somehow aroused … just To all of these questions and insinuations are in the public space is made public, so we actually multiply by zero”, – said Arakhamia.

A test of will private a “known polygrapholog”, which will come on Grushevskogo.

Arakhamiya noted that “lie detector” is still in Ukraine has no legal force, but it only shows 2-3% margin of error.

Earlier media poyavilas information that 11 “servants of the people” allegedly received 30 thousand dollars to “fill up” one of the bills in the parliamentary Committee, which is headed by well-known people’s Deputy Oleksandr Dubinsky.

In connection with the scandal, the polygraph MPs “servants of the people” of the Finance Committee urged President Vladimir Zelensky.

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