It became known how much Dortmund can sell Holland

Стало известно, за сколько Боруссия может продать Холанда

Erling Holland, his father and Mino Rayol insisted on a ransom of 50 million, but Dortmund club praised the player more expensive.

Norwegian Erling Holland moved to Borussia Dortmund in the last days of last year. In two matches in the Bundesliga striker managed to set a record, scoring 5 goals per hour of play on the field.

The newspaper Bild reported, how many “bees” praised Holland. According to the source, Borussia will be able to resell Norwegian for 75 million euros.

At the player himself, his father and agent Mino Rayol insisted on 50 million, but Dortmund club considered this amount too low.

Previously, Mr. Holland explained why he moved to Borussia.

According to the materials: