It became known how much Tom spent on the Telegram

Стало известно, сколько Дуров потратил на Telegram

Durov have invested in messenger millions of dollars

During the year the development of messenger a cost of $ 70 million.

On the development of Telegram messenger in 2017, spent $ 70 million. This is stated in the document, which was prepared by the company for the future of the ICO (initial offering of coins), according to

As noted, a large part of the budget (62 million dollars) was spent on equipment, support, servers and security for the verification of users.

Also, the drafters of the document published forecast for the next few years: according to them, in 2018, will spend about $ 100 million, 2019 — $ 130 million in 2020 — $ 170 million.

It is expected that security for costs in the area of 620 million dollars in the years to 2022-mu Telegram can reach an audience of one billion people.

Recall, the messenger Telegram plans to create their own blockchain-based platform and cryptocurrency.