It became known how much Ukraine is one prisoner

Стало известно, во сколько Украине обходится один заключенный

Budget the cost of maintaining one prisoner in Ukraine range from 37 to 53 thousand hryvnia, depending on the correctional institution.

In Ukraine budgetary cost of maintaining one prisoner up to 53 thousand hryvnia, but the amount of the costs vary depending on the specific correctional institution. This was stated by the Deputy Minister of justice Denis Chernyshev, announced on Tuesday, November 6, Today.

“If we assume that in General it will be a one figure, approximately 37 thousand UAH per year. If we consider a specific institution, and we had such facilities where 30-35 prisoners and 130 members of staff, whether this figure identical with those how much is spent on the content in the other colonies, which is filled to 80%?” he said.

According to him, all over the world is also taken into account the depreciation of those buildings for the inmates.

“Hey, if some of the buildings were built in the 17th century, what is depreciation? Amortiziruemoe they were still under the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Last year I was at the International Congress of penitentiaries in London and there took a Dutch book on statistics. They believe the average cost of maintenance per seat per day. And there are different statistics depending on the specifics: is the institution of a General mode, psychiatric center or juvenile facility. We also need to reach such statistics, but we still have no even a single register of convicts,” – said the Deputy head of the Ministry of justice.

Chernyshev also said that last year the Ministry raised this issue with the government and got the government’s decision to create a single registry of convicts.

“Today is the average temperature in the ward – 37-53 thousand a year is spent on the maintenance of one prisoner,” he concluded.

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