It became known who will lead the Privat

Стало известно, кто возглавит Приватбанк

PrivatBank becomes the property of the state.

According to one of the Directors of the Bank, the new head of the institution appointed ex-the Minister of Finance.

The state Board of PrivatBank, will be headed by former Minister of Finance Oleksandr Shlapak. This was announced by Director of information technologies Privat Dmitry Dubilet on his page in Facebook.

“The Bank will continue to operate in standard mode. The new Chairman of the Board becomes Oleksandr Shlapak (this is great news!), which would shortly form a new team of top managers. Formally, a transition period during which we will introduce in a new team that will last several months,” he wrote.

Before the nationalization of the PrivatBank Chairman of the Board was Alexander Dubilet.

Recall, the Cabinet took the decision to move 100% of the shares in a Bank in the state. The transition period will begin on December 19.

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