It has become known, will look like the main new year tree of the capital

Стало известно, как будет выглядеть главная новогодняя елка столицы

New year 2016

On Sophia square set the tree height of 26 meters. It is decorated with thousands of jaworowski toys and garlands, whose total length is 3 kilometers. This is reported by the organizers of the celebration of the New year at the Sofia area, the project Folk Ukraine.

The Christmas tree will be delivered to Kiev from Ivano-Frankivsk. Organizers of the celebration will follow her in Ivano-Frankivsk forestry on 1 December.

It is noted that in this year’s Christmas tree on St. Sophia square will be 1 meter higher than in the past.

As previously reported, the main new year tree of Kiev will install on Sophia square on December 3.

Work on the decoration of the tree will begin directly after it’s installed.

We will remind, the theme of the festival this year will be the Yavoriv toy. In addition, on the main stage will host 14 concerts, which will include 4 thousand artists. Project Folk Ukraine announced the search for artists for a holiday show. In the city center have already begun to mount the houses new year and Christmas fair