It named the main cause of cancer

Названа основная причина возникновения рака

Guilty protein in the human body, which is the attack of the bacteria stops protecting and begins to destroy the cells.

About 20% of all malignant tumors associated with infections by viruses or bacteria. The main cause of cancer is the constant inflammation. To such conclusion scientists from the American University of North Carolina at Charlotte, says MedicalXpress.

The researchers found that cancer occurs because of an interaction of bacteria and MUC1 glycoprotein that covers the apical surface of epithelial cells in organs.

MUC1 is essentially a protective function, but constant inflammation of the glycoprotein, on the contrary, it may cause pathogenic processes.

However, MUC1 is not always turns into a dangerous cage. In some patients, it continues to perform anti-inflammatory function. However, why this occurs is not clear.

We will remind, earlier it was found a mechanism to cope with a particularly dangerous cancer. It was also reported that was named common cause of premature death and cancer.

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