It revealed the secret of planetary origin

Раскрыт секрет возникновения планет

Previously, scientists could not understand how small particles could connect to the great cosmic speeds.

The scientists were able to explain the process of the formation of planets, gas and dust clouds. About it reports edition of Nature Phisics.

Experts conducted an experiment, which was placed in a special chamber of tiny beads of glass and basalt. Microspheres astronomers used as a small cosmic particles in the cloud around a young star.

Camera with beads tossed to the top of the tower at the University of Bremen and watched their behavior during free fall. At this time in the chamber formed zero gravity.

It turned out that the balls all the time rubbing against each other, creating electrostatic charges. They attract particles to each other.

Previously, researchers could not understand how particles in the cloud are connected with cosmic speeds, do not fly during the collision.

Previously found space “killer” with a mass of 40 billion Suns. Also the Correspondent wrote that it was discovered the mysterious object brighter than a million Suns.

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