It was a spectacular timelapse video of the launch of Falcon 9

Вышло зрелищное таймлапс-видео запуска Falcon 9

The launch of the rocket was shown on time lapse video

The launch took place on 8 October. Video shows the moment of launch the Falcon 9 with the satellite.

In the Network published a timelapse video with the launch of the Falcon 9 rocket with a telecommunications satellite on Board. The video was published edition of Time on their Facebook page, as well as Chinese TV channel CGTN.

The launch vehicle took place on 8 October. After the launch of the first stage of the rocket, made a successful landing at the spaceport.

During the flight of the rocket creating colourful visual effects in the night sky over California.

Earlier it was reported that the company SpaceX has made the launch, moving into space, the Argentinean satellite.

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