Italian Serie B, suspended after three rounds

Итальянская Серия Б приостановлена после трех сыгранных туров

In Italy you can not determine how many teams must participate in the championship.

The draw of the Italian Serie B is suspended until the court makes a final decision on the number of clubs participating in the tournament.

It was originally planned that Series B will be reduced from 22 to 19 teams. This decision was taken in connection with the bankruptcy of three clubs – Bari, Avellino and Cesena. The leadership of the League decided that in the new season, the vacated space will be filled with new clubs.

However, after the start of the season, the Italian football Federation has protested this decision. If on Friday will decide the championship with the participation of 22 teams, on Monday, September 24, will be named the clubs which will occupy the vacated space.

It is unknown how new clubs can join the League during the season, as the teams of the Series would have played 2 or 3 games in the new season.

Meanwhile in Serie A, Chievo deprived of three points for financial fraud.

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