Italian students found the unknown space object

Итальянские школьники нашли неизвестный космический объект

The space

Teenagers were able to analyze the Data of the Observatory to detect the unknown radiation.

At the Institute of astrophysics and physics of space in Milan students have passed educational practice. The analysis of data collected by Observatory XMM-Newtown for 15 years, they found the anomaly. It is reported by the ESA.

Before analysis of the data Observatory to children told how to use the database and set the task to find unusual outbreaks or phenomenon.

As a result, the teenagers found the cosmic body, which had not previously recorded by scientists.

Итальянские школьники нашли неизвестный космический объект

Celestial body discovered by students (photo: sci.esa)

The object has unusual properties, for example, he once increased the brightness of its glow is more than 40 times in about five minutes, and returned to its original condition.

Astronomers can’t yet determine what kind of space object. Previously, NASA launched a probe to the Sun

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