Italy has appointed a new Ambassador to Ukraine

Италия назначила нового посла в Украине

In Ukraine the new Ambassador of Italy

La Cecilia was previously Consul General in Jerusalem.

The new Ambassador of Italy in Ukraine from August 29 was David La Cecilia, according to the Italian Embassy in Kiev.

According to information on the website of the Embassy, La Cecilia was born in Rome in 1961, graduated from the University of Rome in the direction of “science”.

In 1989 he began his diplomatic career working in the State Secretariat. In 1992 he became the first Vice-Consul in Hong Kong, in 1996 – first Secretary in London. In 1999, he returned to Rome, he was appointed chief of the General Secretariat.

In the period from 2001 to 2005 he headed the economic and commercial office of the Embassy of Italy in Tokyo, then, until 2009, is in the post of Deputy chief of mission in tel Aviv.

In the period from 2009 to 2013 he worked in Rome, first as head of division Middle East countries and subsequently on the post of the coordinator of the peacemaking process in the middle East.

In 2011 he received the rank of Minister Plenipotentiary, and in 2013 became Consul General in Jerusalem.

Poroshenko appointed a new Ambassador to Turkey

Earlier, the Ambassador of Italy in Ukraine was Fabrizio Romano.

Earlier, the four countries sent new ambassadors to Ukraine. President Petro Poroshenko has accepted the credentials of U.S. Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch, Romania, Christian, Leon Turcanu, Brazil, Oswaldo Biato Junior and Egypt Hossam Eldin M. Ali.