Ivanyushchenko excluded from the sanctions list of the EU – journalist

Иванющенко исключили из санкционного списка ЕС, - журналист

Ex-MP from the Party of regions, businessman Yuri Ivanyushchenko

EU ambassadors decided to exclude the assets of the former people’s Deputy from Party of regions, businessman Yuri Ivanyushchenko from the sanctions list. About it on the page in Twitter reported by the Brussels correspondent of “Radio Liberty” Rikard Jozwiak.

So, according to Joswiak, in the sanctions list of colleagues of Yanukovych was not 15, but 14 people.

“EU ambassadors have decided to extend the freezing of assets of Yanukovych and 14 members of his entourage for a year. Ivanyushchenko expelled”, – the journalist wrote.

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