Jablonec – Dynamo 2:2. Online Europa League match

Яблонец - Динамо 2:2. Онлайн матча Лиги Европы

Online stream Jablonec – Dynamo

Dynamo Kiev will hold their first away match of the group stage of the Europa League in which will meet Czech club Jablonec. The match will take place on 4 October at 22:00.

On stadium of Strzelnica Thursday, October 4, will host the match between Dynamo Kiev and Czech club Jablonec. The team of Alexander Khatskevich will play the first mate on the road.

Korrespondent.net will lead the text online broadcast of the match Jablonec – Dynamo. A match between two teams will start at 22:00.

Dynamo Kyiv is seriously preparing for the fight and intends to win, but the hosts are not going to just leave the room and declare their desire to score points in the Czech Republic.

In Europe this season the team of Alexander Khatskevich has managed to beat the Czech club. In the third qualifying round of the Champions League to Dynamo Kiev on aggregate Slavia defeated with the score 1:1 in Prague and 2-0 in Kiev.

In the live broadcast of the match Jablonec – Dynamo in Ukraine shows Football 2 TV channel. Beginning of meeting on 4 October at 22.00.

Jablonec-Dynamo Kiev: live stream of the match on Корреспондент.net.


Dinamo won 2:0 during the match, but ended up 2-2 with Jablonec. It’s a shame!


90+3 Garmash was beaten on the left, the goalkeeper easily took the ball.

90+1 Milla Jovovich is still in the far corner beat, almost got.

90. All tactics Dinamo is in the crosses. And that’s all.

89. Duelund in the last round scored the winning goal. But Khatskevich release it is not going to. An away draw is good for him?

87. In the sixth place team in the championship of the Czech Republic! And they cannot easily beat.

86. Cubist is Masopust the Jablonec.

85. Good pitch was held at Dinamo and close to no one.

83. And Khatskevich even replacement is going to do. Then he waited the entire time? The entire second half Dinamo played bad, but no korrektirovat from the coach was not.

82. The advantage of two goals miss Dynamo! It just gave the game pobednoe rural team.

81. GOAL! THE DYNAMO BROUGHT THEMSELVES! WELL, HOW SO? Pivaric circumcised, and then Jablonec already played strongly in attack, Travnik scored. 2:2!

78. This, of course, hard to believe. But we waited for replacements. Have Abaya is Chramosta came Ikaunieks. And Dynamo Shepelev changed Buyalsky. Buyalsky yellow was discharged for what was long gone.

73. Another blow Jablonec again and highly above the gate.

71. Finally, normal counterattack Dynamo! Done correctly, KENDZERA shot from the flank, but besedino to break not given.

67. Garmash submitted, but it turned out cut in the side of the gate. But even a corner will not.

63. Pumps Jablonec! Kramnik now has fired it just wide, but it was dangerous.

61. Kramnik filed with a penalty kick and the PM once again won the air. Past the gate.

60. Burda blocks a shot of the player of Jablonec. Nervously all need to move to Kiev the game from the gate. And still no replacements.

58. Povazanec roughly rolled under Harmash. That’s a yellow card.

57. A long shot from the Herbalist. Hard, but straight into the arms of Boyko.

56. Have Morozyuk has not turned a cross from the flank, generally at Dynamo in attack in the second half, nothing really happens.

54. Head of odd struck straight into the arms of Boyko.

53. The first yellow card of the match on account Morozyuk. Will free-kick from yablunets’.

49. A lot of struggle on the field, thinking is not enough.

46. While without replacements. Jablonec will press. Dynamo would be good to cool the ardor of a goal.


Dynamo very confident start of the match, scored twice. But it would not Kiev, if only it were that simple. Jablonec returned to the game, played one ball and ended the half in the attacks.


45+2 Filing owners create nervousness in the penalty area Dynamo. Garmash still dangerous free-kick near his own penalty area earned.

45+1 Besedin almost pressed defenders of yablunets’.

43. Boyko intercepted a dangerous cross from Chramosta.

42. MOMENT Dynamo! Tsygankov found Buyalsky in the penalty area after a cross from Vitali the Keeper of the hosts has already been played out, but defenders of his hedge.

41. Corner Dinamo ended with a Bang Buyalsky directly into the hands of the goalkeeper.

39. Burda was actively closing down, but he played it safe.

37. Morozyuk well-played heel in the attack, but Harmash the ball is not got, and could be very dangerous.

35. Yablunets ‘ on courage, moving forward, another blow from the hosts crossbar. Is Dynamo again, will squander the advantage?

34. From match to match the same mistakes from Dinamo. Astana also scored from standards.

33. GOAL! Played by a single goal for Jablonec! After filing with polovogo forgotten at the far post to Chatter that the rally broke smartly! 1:2!

32. A protracted attack of Jablonec nad Nisou, in which even Boyko joined the game ended in a corner for guests.

29. Jablonec after missed more possession of the ball. But for Dinamo it’s even more comfortable.

24. Hubschman threw to the far post, but Chramosta not reached for the ball, and could be dangerous.

23. Corner earned Jablonec and protector of the odd, even dobrala to the ball, but to punch plainly has not managed.

19. On Powerice fouled on the flank. Looked messy.

17. In yablunets ‘ a lot of marriages in the programs. Swam already?

15. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!! GARMASH!!!!!! He intercepted the ball, looked at the gate and on the left put in the corner! For execution! 0:2! A very good start for Kiev!

10. Garmash pounding one touch because strafe! Past the gate.

8. COOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLL!!!!! A brilliant inside pass Buyalsky Morozyuk breaks one-on-one and roll on Tsygankova, who stabbed the ball into the empty net. 0:1! Great attack Dynamo!

5. Well, what in the game? Nothing, until one of confusion.

4. The stadium only heard the Dynamo fans.

3. For the hosts, incidentally, is Tomas Hubshman, who used to play for Shakhtar. And Eduard Sobol – the same ex-defender of Shakhtar and Ukraine national team.

2. The trainer of Jablonec very colorful, similar to the driver.

1. Pivaric have scored first foul in the match.


The team on the field.

Support in Kiev today will be exactly. The game will be attended by about 1 000 Ukrainian fans. Strelnice stadium, which will host a meeting”, accommodates 6 280 spectators.

It is as the fans who come directly from Ukraine and local Ukrainian Diaspora.

Stadium “Strzelnica”, which will be held the meeting”, contains 6 280 spectators.

Dinamo not in the best condition, in the last match of the Europa League missed a win in the championship is very strained. Today still missing because of injury the best player of the team, Verbic. Instead creative will be responsible Besedin and Morozyuk. Sounds scary?


Jablonec – Rude, Hovorka, Hanousek, Holes, Odd, Herbalist, Hubshman, Povazanec, Masopust, Jovovich, Chramosta.

Dynamo – Boyko, Kadar, Burda, Pivaric Morozyuk, Garmash, Yarmolenko, Tsygankov, Buialskyi, KENDZERA, Besedin.