Jacques Villeneuve has offered to remove Kvyat from the Formula 1 race

Жак Вильнев предложил отстранить Квята от гонок Формулы-1

Daniil Kvyat

World champion Jacques Villeneuve criticized the Russian pilots after the Grand Prix of great Britain.

World champion Jacques Villeneuve after the Grand Prix of great Britain called for the removal from the race, the Russian pilot Toro Rosso Daniel quata.

“Don’t know what Quat is trying to do. You know the worst thing in this story? On the radio, he then tries to blame his partner, thinking that nobody saw what happened. It is a sign of a bad relationship. He deserves to stay home. His behavior has becoming embarrassing.

Not for the first weekend, when he’s a little too far. Maybe Formula 1 too fast for him. I do not know.

Usually pilots do not even get a second chance, and he got already a lot, but I think still not learning anything,” said Villeneuve.

Recall, during the British Grand Prix, Kvyat crashed into his team-mate Carlos Sainz Jr., after which the Spaniard finished the race.

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